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The logical inference that everyone starts with, consciously or sub consciously, no matter what the claims of the greatest diets are, is that you will have to decrease you calorie intake and probably increase your energy output. When you’re ready to get a grip on that, you can go on the Hershey’s Chocolate diet and you will lose pounds. Losing pounds can not be the goal! The goal must be to develop a healthy body. Keeping pounds or size off and staying healthy takes an understanding of what your relationship with food is, and how you got to the size you are in the first place! Don’t be concerned here. The great news is that you don’t have to beat yourself up to get healthy!
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October 12, 2011admin

By johnR “I am just fine the way I am!” Stop looking at yourself as fat. Looking at yourself as something other than okay, puts you in a position of weakness and deficiency, making excuses instead of planning a strategy. Work from a position of strength and esteem and you will have a greater potential [...]

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