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Moving On From Good to Better!

October 12, 2011admin

By johnR

“I am just fine the way I am!”

Stop looking at yourself as fat. Looking at yourself as something other than okay, puts you in a position of weakness and deficiency, making excuses instead of planning a strategy. Work from a position of strength and esteem and you will have a greater potential to move forward with your goals. Begin repeating to yourself, “I am fine just the way I am! I am a really great person and now want to become a different really great person.” Great athletes don’t say I am a terrible runner and I need to run faster, they say, “I am a great runner and I can run even faster!” Even if you are in the hospital or sick in bed, you can still look at some part of you that is healthy, with the option to allow the rest of yourself to get healthier, stronger and with a growing zest for life!

People grow from a position of strength. Not weakness. If you take the bull by the horns with confidence, knowing that you are up against a formidable foe, but push ahead, not afraid of the inevitable bumps and bruises, but with a winning goal in the forefront of your mind, you can succeed. No winning wrangler gets on a bull for a second or third time that day thinking, well here I go to get thrown again! You however, have to mount something much stronger than a bull. Your personal belief system. A system that is probably convinced you are, and always will always be unhealthy or fat, with limited energy. A system that has convinced you that stuffing yourself actually makes you feel good. A system that allows you to think that getting healthy next month or next year will be soon enough, and that any expectations of a lean and energetic body are just silly.

Isn’t it time you took back that part of you, that allowed yourself to get brainwashed by the commercials, billboards or old thinking. Understand and now know that You, and not advertisements or critical people are in control. You must map out your own destiny. There are great roadmaps to follow and you are beginning with a great one now. Stay focused on being strong both mentally and physically. The path to accomplishing your goal of great health may be long, and difficult at times, but remember, you don’t have to beat yourself up in the process. Great goals can be accomplished by taking little steps. Great monuments are built one brick at a time. You must simply keep moving forward mentally, so when you encounter the occasional one step back you can muster the courage for the next two forward. You are certainly fine just the way you are and worth your own effort to grow forward.

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