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John P. Rademacher
3812 Sepulveda Blvd.  Suite 390
Torrance, CA   90505-2465

(310) 373- 8500

Mission Statement:

To provide an understanding that while food is a requirement to life, much of it is highly socially and physically addictive.  Some of that addiction is chemical and hormonal but a lot more of the addiction is learned behavior. Understanding the difference will provide observable changes spontaneously and with less effort than imagined.  These changes will create a new and greatly expanding focus on health and vitality and not on the affects of gravity or photographs.  This will be seen as the biggest change in the diet industry.

Vision Statement:

It is our intention to allow people to learn where their food additions came from; to help everyone to understand their relationship to food and how that can make controlling their behavior around it much easier.  Learned behavior around food comes in many ways.  We hope to show these personal and commercial traps that will provide an intellectual and emotional reason for permanent and comfortable change.  We want everyone to believe in their perfection just the way they are and in their ability to move wonderfully into the rejection of diets and into a long and healthy life style loving foods ability to help live a fluid and happy life.


In all of life there is always a plus and a minus.  There is always a rest and activity, a breath in and a breath out, a give and a take.  I’ve become personally convinced that income and outflow are also inexorably linked.  As a result 10% or more of the income generated by this site will be given to a church, a charity and toward research that supports spiritual and physical aliveness.

This is a list of the people and organizations that will receive our support with gratitude and love for all those who give and all those who receive.

The City of Hope
The Cameroon Fund – Educational Development Center
The Center for Spiritual Living